done with their interviews,three candidates were walking down the road to the midway canteen when one of them quipped.."105 boys!!..and only 25 girls??.....bahut competition hoga yaar"....the other 2 guys smiled,one at the prospect of competition,the other at his prospects,rather the lack of it........

for the record,the guy who made the statement,popularly known as GARFIELD to his friends....he's still single....

one has defeated competition and the other...well...garfield might just be eager to help him out post this blog entry...

P.S.-the gals in the pic are the source of competition,or rather,the lack of animosity intended


  1. ..i think garfield has'nt found his arlene here yet. It's destiny brother.

  2. mack....did u figure out the 3 ppl in the story??....u know all three vry well.....take a shot

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