being ugly...

They all laugh at me!
And the girls giggle behind my back...
Unable to even glance at my disfigured face.
Why am I so ugly?

Why am I such a hideous monstrosity?

She is the one girl I have loved in my life.
And she likes that dumb good-looking guy!
What did I do to deserve this?

I am going to end all of this...
I am going to burn down this college to the ground!
They will know what they get for treating me this way.

Do not burn down the college Kyle!

Who said that?

I did!

Who are you?

Sitting and crying about a girl who doesn't even deserve your love will not solve your problems.

Why can't I see you?

You think you've been cheated because you are ugly...
But I am here to show you otherwise.
Come! There is much to see.

Hmm... okay.

I want you to look in here.
This woman is Nancy Pinkerton.
In her youth she was consistently rated the most beautiful girl in her entire college. Her life was filled with praises, and everything being handed to her.
Boys told her that she was special... She was funny... She was interesting.
But that's only because she was good-looking.
It wasn't until she reached age thirty, when her looks started to fade, that she learned she was actually about as interesting and special... as a wet carrot.

Now look in here.
This is the home of your new ugly friend, Yamal.
Because he's ugly, he gets nothing handed to him.
He has to work at making something of himself.
But that work is going to pay off when he's an adult. He will have character!... something that youngsters who are good-looking rarely develop.

Like your classmate, Clyde. Now that he knows he's good-looking, and girls drool over him... He doesn't have to make any effort to be special.
Now his life will be about girls... Chatting with them on the phone and buying them shoes.
He will most likely marry very young, and not realize until age thirty that he's a total douche.

So you see, Kyle, it is actually the beautiful kids that are cursed...

But I can't wait to be an adult to be happy.       
That's forever from now!

You need to think about what I've told you.
You must be patient.

I don't want to! I don't want anybody telling me how to feel anymore!

Well then you're just a f***ing a**hole!
Go sit and cry all day long and die a lonely miserable death fagget!

As a 'south park' fan,I felt I had to share this,just as a fellow blogger did....


  1. onething i wont agree with- a girl losing her charm at 30.. to me, she is just reaching "the prime" .. ;)..

  2. I agree...after all,you are more experienced ;-)

  3. feels like I will have to start watching South Park (hav been avoiding it till nw).. :)


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