and U call us 'childish' ??

When was the last time you saw such a notice in a college??.....
can't recall??....
okkay....I'll make it easier 4 u..
When was the last time you saw students riding bicycles in a college??...and just to be a little 'students' as 'undergraduate medical students'.....
give up...its the toughest exercise u can give to ur grey cells.....


  1. Seems this time it is for your colleagues only.

    Don't find anything unusual WITH THE POSTER.

    Write something for your global Followers also!!!

  2. followers??...thats too flattering a term 4 sm1 like me..
    I know my next post is long overdue...
    not to worry...its coming soon....nd hopefully it'll hv smthng u can relate to :)



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bol de...bol de...sochta hai kya??...hum agar hote toh bol diya hota ;)

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