For those of u who know me,you'd know I'm a passionate quizzer....and for those of you who don't ,well!now you do....;)
Enjoyed quizzing only as a hobby back in school ...did win those really huge prizes in the school circuit once or twice but more or less,it was the joy of quizzing which made me stick to it.....that quizzing can be rewarding struck me only after I came to Pune...well,prizes ranging from anywhere between 10k to 25k can certainly turn on a few tubelights(and I certainly am one)....

Jokes apart,as a medical student who quizzes,it's easy to push it to the backburner if u've really been digging into your textbooks....but me being the quintessential 'come-what-may-i'll-study-only-b4-an-exam' guy...lack of time was never a problem...but the transition from school to college level quizzing is easier said than done.....the first year saw TEAM STETHOSCOPES(weird??....we got it after a law school student suggested it to us in jest) attending many quizzes,qualifying for none....2nd year was marginally better,our team made it to a few finals but could win none..courtesy,a majority of pune quizzzes being 'open' quizzes(no limit on age,occupation whatsoever) and some amazing quizzing by the BCQC members...

hosted a few quizzes during SILHOUETTES,AFMC's annual INTER-COLLEGE FEST....and enjoyed  myself a lot...learnt the finer nuances of hosting a quiz,preparing  for one and the art of deriving maximum gains from it as a quizzer...

but why am I blabbering away to glory on QUIZZING all of a sudden??
well,thats coz TEAM STETHOSCOPES has had an awesome year to begin with.....besides a few wins in the local circuit,we ended up landing a biggie today....THE TATA CRUCIBLE campus QUIZ came to PUNE on the a BUSINESS quiz,few would have given a team of  3rd year medical students a chance....

but ahoy!!...fate had other plans...even we were surprised(I was almost shocked)when we made it to the finals beating over 200 teams in the prelims....and eliminating some of our bitter rivals on and off  field in the process...
we had a shot at the 1,10,000 prize....missed out on it but still had goodies worth 10000 each after finishing 4th....not bad for a MEDICAL TEAM at a business quiz...what say??
(urs truly in pic...with the arrow threatening to go through nd through :D)
watch us on television in the TATA CRUCIBLE CAMPUS QUIZ episode to be aired on CNBC TV 18 on the 4th-5th june :)
P.S.-this certainly wouldn't be possible without the other half of TEAM STETHOSCOPES....Finehas  Pinto,the cool headed but shy rock mate....
here's hoping this victory is just one of many more to come...cheers


    The word TATA seemed a bit familier.Since you got this prize from Tatas,you owe me a modest thanks as I am part of the TATA family.

    Will definitely watch the episode on 4th-5th june with my family.Hope my children will get some inspiration......
    Please don't mind but your army dress photo was better than the present group photo on FB.Finehas Pinto (shy mallu) seems to be a dangerous bollywood villain/an italian model(certainly not the real face).

    I repeat"In wrong profession";Hope your next blog will be in line with "the acknowledgement/kites/just another conversation"

    (I love fiction with sprinkling of realities)

  2. thanx ANAMIKA....

    thanxx 4 at least promising to watch me on for inspiring ur children,I'm certainly not the one :D

    hahaha...Pinto as bollywood villain??....thats the funniest comment we've ever received as a
    Finehas has been mispronounced as fhanisaas and mahato as Mohota...but urs is way funnier..

    my previous photo!!...did u even notice it??... guess too many ppl found it routine nd replaced it :)

    'ín the wrong profession' I??...ny reasons??

    even I prefer fiction with a dose of reality...but a full dose of reality once in a while isn't all that bad ;P

  3. congrats! business quiz?? WOW.

    Reminds me of a day in Mood Indigo. Poor engineers and architects had found it rather hard to digest that we,the medicos had finished with a second in a thing lyk 'landscape designing'!


  4. AFMC rocks for sure...there were a total of six guys from our college at the quiz..the two of us on stage and rest off it...but the 4 guys off-stage managed to shout more than the other team's contingents,which easily comprised of more than 50 people....
    they looked crestfallen when we actually finished ahead of 2 of the teams on stage,both management institutes...
    and the chants of A-F-M-C...A-F-M-C....they're still ringing in my ears...

    finishing 2nd in landscape least I'm not surprised...I've seen ur works mam :)


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