the nonsense post....

pre-post::this is a conversation that took place over a year ago..when a bunch of 'would-be-docs',(disillusioned at being reminded time and again that they were and still are the 'cream of the nation' even when they believed the cream(read,gals)had been delivered elsewhere),had gathered over a round of some malt based drinks and 'triple-filtered-clear fluid from Russia' ;)

the author vividly remembers his friends shooting one gem after the other and breaking into peals of laughter which could have sent a chill down the spine of the coldest of vampires....
(the author stumbled upon it while trying to clear his inbox of some old time clutter)
with exams on and no time to actually post something substantial,hope this one provides u with some 'cheap humour'(all puns intended).....

caution:-this post isn't supposed to make if you are of the rational,thinking variety....try something else on the blog....and if it does make sense to you....comments,likes,shares would be appreciated :D

without much ado.....BAKWAAS SHURU...the worst answers to I love you:------

1)mazaakiya pyaar
boy: "I Love U" Means Kya Hota Hai?
Girl: Mai Tumse Pyar Karti Hun
boy: Le ek Question Kya Pucha...tu toh mujhse pyar kar baithi 'Pagli'

2)business minded love
Boy: I love you
Girl: Tum darzi(tailor) ho?
Boy: Nahin ...
Girl: Tum nayee (barber) ho?
Boy: Nahin ...
Girl: Tum chamaar(janitor) ho?
Boy: Nahin....
Girl: Tum kasai (butcher) ho?
Boy: Nahin....
Girl: Toh chal nikal yahan sey..Bachpan se hi mujhe shauk tha ki meri shaadi kisi darzi, nayee, chamaar ya kasai se ho.You are disqualified.

3)pagla kahin ka
Girl: I Love You
Boy: yeeeeeee! Didi mujhse naraz nahi hai. Didi mujhse naraz nahi hai...Ye.. ye.. ye

4)love that was bereft of hearing
Boy: I love you...
Girl: Hey mr, execuse me....Badtameez, kya karta hai. Jab dekho line marta hai. Koyi kaam nahin hai.
Boy: !!!! tumhein kaisay pata chala main hunter hoon aur lion marta hoon???....

(I know its getting really weird...but believe me,its nothing but some malt-based drinks doing the talking....real fun begins soon)

5)the houdini act
BOY :- I Love You.
GIRL :-  Arey! woh dekho!
BOY :- Hain!! Kahan? Kya? Kya?
[Boy turns to see in the meantime Girl satak leti hai!!!]

6)Rambhakts fall in love
Boy to Girl :- I luv you.
Girl to Boy :- I kush you.
Girl's Father to Boy :- I push you

7)love v/s tikiya
Girl : I love you
Sunny : Magar aap toh hamesha woh mehengi waali tikiya...
Girl : Leti thi!!!
Sunny :  Hawww...

8)love that'll render u speechless
boy: I luv you
Girl......... kuch nahi bolti..........
bechari goongi aur behri hai...

9)UKG-LKG love
Girl: I Love U.
Boy: I love all alphabets A to Z.

Boy : I love U
gal : ok thank u..

11)pheww!!that was quick
boy - i lov u
girl - i m pregnant....

12)teri maa ki...
Girl: I love you.
Boy: Mujhe meri mummy bula rahi hai...

13)Boy - I Love You.
Girl -  Par Tum To Sardaar Ho!
Boy - I Know...Just Joking Yaar!
Girl -  Hihihihihi!

funny thing-the guy who cracked this one is a surd himself

14)saas,bahu aur saazish
boy - i love u
girl-oh main jati hu....balika vadhu shuru ho gya hoga..

Boy : I Love u
Girl(dupatte ko daaton se chabaake) : Dhatt, pagle

16)love gone wrong
boy -- aati kya khandala ??
[girl pulling and dragging boy]
girl -- chal..chal .........tu kya khandala leke jayega mujhe........main khud khandala main rehti hu

17)one tear-jerker of a love story
boy: I love you
Girl : starts crying...

18)haww :o
boy : I love you...
girl : papa se milke mera haath maangne kab aaoge ??

19)har dil jo pyar karega...woh gaana gayega
Boy - I love You.
Girl (Starts Singing) - Iss baat ko agar aur saja ke kehte
zara ghooma phira ke kehte...toh achcha hota! 

20)love...ittefaq se
girl-I love u
boy-wat a coincidence !..even i love myself !

21)rang de basanti
girl: I love u
boy: i'm sorry,meri dulhan aazadi hai....

Girl:I love u
Boy:But mujhe sirf paise se pyaar hai....

p.s.-any doubts whatsoever??...I guess another look at the title will resolve each one of them :D


  1. Please elaborate malt based drinks and 'triple-filtered-clear fluid from Russia'.......... .HA HA (What about snacks ,forgot to mention??

    Best wishes for exams and fluid /drinks thereafter.....

  2. going by ur mention of snacks,u seem to be a veteran at 'malt-based drinks'and 'triple filtered clear fluid 4m russia' :P

    xams are almost done...just one more important paper to go and the rest are mere formalities :)

  3. gud goin.....
    hey anythin out f personal xpereince....wich u might hav heard/seen in real...;-)

  4. @shakti-I'd love to see one of them in real life...hehehe

  5. @nishi-this is the NONsense post...not to be taken too seriously or personally :D

  6. heyy.. I happen to be just a dreamer. I was trying to google life in AFMC or something. It's tough to keep up the morale thing going with an years drop. :'/ yeah so I ended up here. And this post just resonates to nothing making any sense anymore..:P.. gah alright m typin too much. I had a good laugh doc. hoping to hit afmc and looking you up soon. bwahaha. creepy. tc ;)


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