A letter to your next love

To put it bluntly,I'm not a man of letters..I'm not even a man of words but I do like to put down what I feel on paper..

You have something now that was once my most treasured possession,or so I thought.
A bad day,the worst boss and all those hidden fears counted for nothing at the end of the day, just because I knew  that even if all was lost,I would still have had her by my side..

You aren’t her first,perhaps I wasn’t either. 

I'm still coming to terms with the fact that there was someone before me who was to her what I believed I was...Someone to whom she might have whispered the 'sweet nothings' she whispered to me...Someone whose healing touch she would have believed in when she was down...Someone who'd have been the first to pop up in her mind in times of Joy...
MALE EGO...I tell you.

I admit,my mind had wandered more than once,loosening its grip on my heart and allowing it to hope I would be her last. I am not naïve, but with enough love,even the most deeply wounded hearts start to believe they can fly again.She gave me all that love,and even more. And for quite some time, I didn't just fly,I soared...like never before..

I am not yet over her though. In a way,I never will be.
I will wonder if she wears those geeky glasses, and when she takes them off, if the sight of her eyes makes you melt as they did to me...
I'll wonder if she wears that nose ring once in a while just to irritate you..
I'll wonder if she still prefers sharing her ice cream coz she cannot finish one all by herself..
I'll wonder if you save your conversations with her  as well and read them when the chips are down...
I'll wonder if you call her the most beautiful woman on earth as well,and I will cringe in the possibility that you do...MALE EGO...Remember??

You would perhaps go to any extent for her,and will be fiercely possessive,perhaps as possessive as me...

But the good part is...She’ll love that possessiveness,every second of it..Just don't overdo it..

I have one piece of advice for you though.Never take her drive away from her.It is her fuel, it is the one thing that gives her the belief of invincibility.
Believe in her drive,believe in her invincibility..She'll fall,she'll doubt herself but with you by her side,she'll rise up stronger than before..
Don’t take it away from her..
If she loves you enough it will break her,if  she doesn’t,it will make her bitter.

Her past notwithstanding,she’ll be jealous of yours, and yes,she will be unreasonable at times.Be patient with her at times like these coz to deserve her at her best,you need to bear with her at her worst...

The rewards??...Many..trust me....

She'll bare her heart in front of you..Her deepest fears and her most intimate secrets will be yours...She'll reward you with her trust...What greater validation would a male perhaps need??
If she can just put his head on your shoulder and cry her heart out,rest assured you are the most trusted man in her life..
and yes...She'll love you..

When she'll hold your hand while crossing a busy street,she'll make you feel the way you made your Dad feel when you held his hand while crossing roads as a kid...

If she cries in front of you,let her...coz you are her man,the one she can rely upon...

And when you are down,she'll encircle you in those lovely,petite arms of hers which will be the panacea to all your troubles

Love her — it’s the most rewarding experience you will have in your life..

I know you don’t need me to tell you all this.
What I will tell you, though,is that you’ve got the most precious thing on earth,one that'll be a source of unlimited joy,now and forever.
Don’t lose it,
don’t waste it,
don’t squander it on petty issues. 

Let her take you to a world only she has access to,the world she's kept aside for her soulmate..

Love her,and let her love you,and I assure you,you will never be the same again. 

She actually was beautiful as well..yeah!!..like the ones in the magazines


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bol de...bol de...sochta hai kya??...hum agar hote toh bol diya hota ;)

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