"I've been told my interns are very talented" boss said with a broad smile.
 I knew he wanted something out of us..
We had been summoned to our Commanding Officer's Cabin..

"Sir,you've been utterly misguided" I screamed out..Well,just thought of doing so..

He went on to tell us how a certain Organisation comprising of the better halves of the 'Men of valour who guard our seas' was organizing an event where we had to represent our Hospital teaming up with a few others.

We were pushed into it and we accepted it hoping it would be a play/drama coz neither of us can dance for our lives..Not that we had much of a choice,anyway...

Surpise,surprise..It turned out to be a Group dance and I finally got on stage for dancing for the 1st time after class 3...Days of rehearsals ensured we had plenty of fun and of course,made some new friends...

However,the silver lining in this assumed cloud came in the form of another oppurtunity...The same event had another competition where any one of a married couple had to repropose to his/her spouse in a min...

An idea I floated caught the Junta's fancy and I had the chance to write and direct for the first time ever...Just a one min thing,but the joy of seeing my creation being enacted on stage was thrilling...And guess what??...I managed to get our hospital dermatologist do it for his wife..

Here's what I wrote

The Plot


Different ending??...Well,the lady who proof read this certainly felt so

P.S.-Wondering what the results were??....Well,we didn't win...but maybe I did..Afterall,I saw my creation enacted on stage..


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