some questions unanswered..!!

1)Success and the emptiness that follows it...a puzzle often encountered,seldom solved... experienced it,but u never seeked an answer....did u????

2)ever noticed a child crying?? he periodically looks at the people around him to gauge the effect he's having on them...human pysche or smthing else??
brought urself a new dress??...u'd wear it countless times and still say that it doesn't look good on u...of course,in front of for praise??...human psyche at play again??

3)why is so difficult for some to say goodbye while others do it at at the drop of a hat??....

4)"u don't love me na??"...asked in a voice hinting at complaint accompanied by an innocent face...and its mission accomplished...what did the question demand??...was it only a reassurance...or smthng more??

5)tommorow's ur 1st university exam...its 3 in the morning,u are underprepared,nervy and trying to smhow go through the syllabus once...enter ur 'so called friends'...have they come to cheer u up??...or 2 derive confidence 4m the fact that there's still sm1 worse than them.....

6)you waited and waited for it to happen and finally,when the thing came along....u were at a loss of words and emotions...explanations??

7) long for the company of 'like-minded' frnds or solitude  when with ur family and the opposite when u actually get it??....chances are u are not alone..

8)having reached ur destination...why is that u now feel the journey was more enjoyable than the destination itself??

9)why is it easier to lay ur heart bare in front of sm1 who's a complete stranger??

10)solitude or loneliness??....u went looking for the former,found the did it happen??


P.S.-why is it so important to write a P.S.??


  1. certainly few questions shud b left unanswered....
    there r many thins in lyf u can't change....and u dn't hav 2 close ur eyes....tak d gud as well as d bad....

  2. i simply loved this one!

    life is so ironical.but then they say," Don't take life too seriously,nobody ever came out of it alive!"

    PS-easier said than done!

  3. so many questions thrown@me...few i'm able 2 comprehend...even fewer end up being solved...

    thanx 4 visiting mam...


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