vDEO recap....

@the halfway mark of my MBBS days....this vDEO's an attempt to put 2gether some beautiful memories of the 2 yrs spent at afmc...my FACCHA nd HONEYMOON terms........and watch it with the speakers on.....


  1. boredom during vacations....and this was what i came up with :)

  2. ..so this was the HD thing u were tallkin abt. Abbe itna HD rakhne ki kya zarurat thi ? ye aadhe ghante se load hi ho rha h !

  3. mack dear...use a faster connection..not an unlocked netsetter ;)

  4. Get yourself checked by your dentist friends.

    Sometime biting helps.

  5. i don't bite never meant I can't bite ;P


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bol de...bol de...sochta hai kya??...hum agar hote toh bol diya hota ;)

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