padhna chahiye tumhe..!!

Family gatherings are joyous occasions without exception……
From the aunt who exclaims “arrey!!..kitna bada ho gaya mera raja beta” everytime she see’s you (growing up is normal…ain’t it??…where’s the surprise??)to your young cousins who are almost always in awe of ‘bhaiyya/didi’ (I tell you;that feeling of having an elder cousin is one warm feeling to cherish) and of course,delicious food & gossip sessions lasting till late in the night,they all lend it a feel which makes you go nostalgic everytime you think of those times...

Imagine being made to study in such times…torturous,if I were to say in a word…

Back home for a quick vacation this summer,I was at my maternal aunt’s place….my parents were there,as were my other maternal aunts & uncles along with my cousins……perfect settings for fun & frolic….

My 7 year old cousin Dimpy wasn’t too happy though…..with a test to give the next day,she had been made to sit with her books….. iStock_000006209181Small

my dad:"arrey dimpy bete ka exam hai??….padho,padho”

my mom:"padh lo bete,phir hum aapko ice-cream khilane le jayenge….lekin pahle padhai”

her mom:"padh lo na beta!!exam mein accha karna hai na??”

her dad:"'mummy to aise hi bolti rahti hai….abhi dimpy beta poori padhai kar legi…phir masti marenge papa-beta dono…okkay beta??”

poor girl…she looked at me at times then at her books….I felt bad for her,but I stay put ;my presence seemed to comfort her….

(In comes the baccha gang)…seemingly in high spirits

one cousin-'"dimpy didi!!..chalo na khelne”
 another cousin-“arrey didi ka exam hai!!…woh nahi aayegi”…..and they disappear…

oh dear!!!…she seemed on the verge of crying….)

I felt clueless…how do I prevent those pearls from falling???

enter Monty;her twin brother(with a balloon)
“didi…mera gubbara phula do na!!”SM106879

WATERSHED MOMENT……dimpy’s frown changes to a smile…she hugs him tight and gives him 4-5 pecks on the cheek “my sweet brother” ….monty seemed perplexed as to what he had done to merit such a show of affection……only manages a bewildered “kya hua didi??” with affection….
pure,unconditional love…w-o-w

THE INNOCENCE OF THE MOMENT WAS SO HEART-WARMING…..i hugged them both….only to baffle Monty more….(of course,I knew what he had managed to do)

the moment had been special… reminded me of my siblings….a nostalgic smile played on my lips...

his request had come at a time when her frustration had reached its height..serving as a reliever of all pent-up emotions………when confronted with something difficult,every other thing in the world seems interesting .....I remember those occasional powercuts during exams which had the whole hostel out of their rooms,each one secretly wishing that it lasted longer even though they cursed each one from the MES(military engineering services) to the Dean…..I remember shaving at 3 in the night before a particular exam(something I wouldn't have given a second thought normally,given the time and the sword of damocles;read exams;hanging over my head)...HUMAN PSYCHE at play again??

I've always believed that the best means to study human behaviour is by observing only got reaffirmed post that incident…..
btw,dimpy is the same cousin of mine who taught me the importance of colors not too long ago....

P.S.-I love children,others children that is ;-)


  1. typical torture of indian educational system and yes, desi parents!

  2. awsom hitesh...i think it's d best of all dat i hav add to it I also luv children..:-)

  3. @ D.A-thanx 4 dropping by and commenting....
    btw,human psyche & children-the
    connection just keeps getting stronger...

    @shakti-thanx buddy,do keep visting and commenting

  4. Waah, kya baat khi h !!!! Paper se pehle light chali jaye to pure hostel (khushi se) chillane lag jata h...

  5. i suggest u make ur homepage shorter by splitting individual posts.....and try disqus for comments...add a facebook like button if u can...anywz....nice work...keep goin!!!!

  6. thanx 4 the comment sir...and i'll surely try and implement ur suggestions.....keep visiting


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