"she smiled at me on a subway...she was with another man".....
With a song on my lips,I entered PATANJALI-the civil opd complex lecture hall.It was then that I saw her.
And the funny part,she smiled at me(even though it wasn't a subway) and she actually was with another man(her dad perhaps),sitting on a chair next to him.
With a smile that could haveimpressed even your grandpa and kajal-laden eyes that were so conspicuous by their brown button like appearance,
she was a breathtaking sight to say the least.Not to mention the vacant stare she gave me when i entered the LH complex..as if she'd been waiting for me.
Hair that swayed in the air being thrown on her by the dysfunctional fan right next to where she was sitting and her cheeks...GOSH!!...Laloo would have fared
better in elections had he promised the people of Bihar of making the the state's roads as smooth as her cheeks instead of some yesteryear film-actress.

She was a lovely baby...i kept looking at her with a wide grin on my face.

I would have remained so had that voice not broken my state of 'semi-coma'....

It was Col Devgan....."as i promised u the last time,today we have a 3 year old baby girl amidst us and she's called 'shreya'."

"so who'll come and ask her to perform the things a 3 year old girl should??"the col asked.
Having scanned the whole class,his piercing gaze came and rested on me.
"The guy sitting on the 2nd last chair..3rd row."
I knew,it was me.Even though my track record in handling babies was miserable,there wasn't a way i could escape it.
I stood up and went near her.
she gave me a vacant stare....same as the one when I entered.
I held her in my arms and tried placing her on a table.
she offered no resistance,her stare still in place.....positive start!!...i started feeling more confident.
little did i know that it was to be the lull before the storm.

THE CRASH CAME...without a warning.

she suddenly started crying....the word crying was an understatement....she was actually bawling.

My record in handling babies just worsened........

P.S.-since then,toffees have been my integral companion during PAEDIATRICS clinics..never know when i might need them to lure the 'innocent devils'


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