It had been an eventful day...after getting my discharge papers ready,i had been to meet the commandant of the COMMAND HOSPITAL..the wait had been long and tiresome..
I was finally getting discharged after a month long hospital stay....
Having come twice earlier to get a document signed at the CPL,i was frustrated as the designated officer was nowhere to be found..
walking out of the corridor,I wasn't in the best of moods..
I saw a JAWAN coming from the other side..
As he passed by..i heard him singing "khayalon jo khwabon mein socha nahin tha,tune mujhe itna pyar diya..."

a smile played on my lips and i suddenly realised i was continuing from where he had left "main jab bhi,jahan bhi kadi dhoop mein tha...."

my mood suddenly changed for good....the smile now having converted into a broad grin...was it the song or was it the timing??...i've been wondering.

P.S.-ever wondered how the effect of one line of a song heard somewhere unexpectedly differs vastly from that of the whole song heard at leisure ...
if not!!..go and check out the for me,i'm a fan of the earlier variety.


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