Bruised,battered here i lay;
Wish i had something i could say.
Never ever did i feel so low,
Couldn't even ask you,why did you go??

Was it your smile or was it mine??
neither of us knew it had begun something very fine.
Never did i know it would haunt me forever,
Every memory,every recollection would make me suffer.

Smiling,which i once thought was the easiest thing to do.
To my dismay,i discover it can be tough too.
Humour,which seemed omnipresent once,is gone too.
Now the light has dawned,they were all because of you.

Now that you are gone,i look back and wonder
A beautiful distraction;"was it you who made me flounder"??
"no!!it can't be you"cries out my heart,
still confused as to why you chose to part.

A lesson learnt;some fingers burnt,
I still sit back and hope.
I wait for a miracle long overdue;
Memories of love;nothing but a distant hue.....


  1. cool...dedicated to someone, is it?

  2. that's a real nice piece.....
    is it dedicated to miss......??

  3. yes!...thats a dedication 2 smthng i lost recently.....smthng wich i loved dearly,yet couldn't appreciate hw mch it was worth wen it dere...:-(

  4. Love is optimism. :)

    * Like the flow of the poem.

  5. thanx tele...thats the sole poem I've written till date :)

  6. hey sir.
    m a junior from ur alma mater..
    knew u were a great quizzer but must say u r even better as a blogger!;)..tc


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