wink wink ;)

         the 1st picture of note taken by the SLR that lies wasted in 4mid5ss...........
                               MG road,pune


  1. ..just clarify this pic dear. r u tryin to shoot d birdie on d cycle or d birdie on d stairs ;)

  2. Manky dear,That's d beauty f d pic..2 birdies..1 pic

  3. I see no Birdie, I see no stairs....
    (Then what do you see?)
    I see just a pair of hot legs belonging to some random chick...
    Focus on important things guys...nice job mahato, i'm xpecting more jewels like these(zoomed up and clearer in the future)


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bol de...bol de...sochta hai kya??...hum agar hote toh bol diya hota ;)

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