flash fiction....

'Bloomsbury Nursery School' the board proclaimed.He hesitated for a second and then stepped in.The same instant his phone beeped"excuse me boss,you have a text message"."bloody sms" he exclaimed.
Ignoring the sms he proceeded to the school corridor and placed the lunch bag containing RDX at the designated place.

Having stepped out with a wicked smile on his face,now that there were only a few seconds for the bomb to go off,he pulled out his phone and read his wife's sms"munna attending new school from today-Bloomsbury Nursery School".


  1. ...wen d story started, i thought some stdent is tryin 2 blow up his own school ;)

  2. Abey cllge hota toh hum mein se koi ho skta tha!!..yeh school ki story hai yaar


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bol de...bol de...sochta hai kya??...hum agar hote toh bol diya hota ;)

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