It's the 31st of march...the'IDES OF MARCH' have finally come to an end....or so i feel!!

so here i am,sitting in LH-SUSHRUTA at 2 in the afternoon,attending a pharmac lecture...
Not that i have much clue abt whats going on!!....
CLUELESS-dats the word 2 describe my knowledge in pharmac or rather,the lack of it..

Anyways,being an afternoon class,the U-2 batch is back 2 'SCREEN SAVER MODE'as COL.Moorchung would say...(u see...we dnt like 2 disturb our teachers ..any question put forth is greeted with such a show of energy conservation,the poor teacher is left wondering whether he's teaching a class of 115 or 15...)

As 4 me...sitting bang under the AC,the urge 2 take a nap is really,really strong but 2 doze off right after waking up at 12 noon would require a herculean effort even 4m smbdy like me-the modern day equivalent of 'kumbhakaran'....

Sitting in the extreme top left of the lecture hall,i have an excellent view of the gentlemen who've managed 2 stay awake.There won't be many..of that i'm convinced..
The ladies are mostly awake with a rare exception or two.....

Why blame those poor souls??
A boring pharmac class on a hot,sultry afternoon(the AC's notwithstanding)by an equally dry professor,that too when most of us are heavy after lunch...
beleive me...even you could be coaxed to slumber....

being an 'observer'in this class is fun.....shades aplenty waiting 2 be discovered!!

The 1st 2 benches essentially comprise of ppl who r really attentive in class...at least they make us lesser mortals beleive so...furious scrribling in their notebooks nd frequent head movement adding 2 the effect...(IMMUNE 2 SLEEP---CATEGORY 1*)

Cm further above and u find ppl who pretend they are listening bt hv no idea abt whats being talked about,their periodic nods being more an effect of the gushes of sleep that strike every now and then..
(HIGHLY SUSCEPTIBLE 2 SLUMBER-immunisation required...read,a trip 2 the water cooler---CATEGORY 2**)

Ascend higher and u see ppl who've got some other pursuit 2 keep themselves busy....
some prefer novels,
some fiddle with their phones(fb statuses change 19 to the dozen),
some prefer other subjects...still others let their artistic skills come 2 the fore,the benches of LH-SUSHRUTA bearing the brunt of their creativity..

And of course,the ones who are snoring away 2 glory without a care of this world...bags,lab coats and even books being used as substitutes 4 a pillow...
The yawning starts even b4 the teacher enters and culminates into various grades of
REM and NON-REM sleep..(details available in GUYTON'S BOOK OF MEDICAL PHYSIOLOGY)..the funny expressions on their faces bringing mischievious smiles on to others faces.
At times captured on camera and propagated thru orkut,facebook and flicker..nd maybe sm obscure blog or two...(CLASS==SLEEP---CATEGORY 4****)

As 4 me,its an oppurtunity 2 give vent 2 to the stray thoughts that crowd my mind...not exactly 'creative' bt observant thoughts come 2 the surface and i end up scribbling smthng like this...(I AM A GOOD OBSERVER...BLUSH BLUSH)

Having finished my 'observation bling'.... As i'm wondering which category i belong 2, smthng anti-climactic happens....
finally fed up of the scant respect being given 2 his lecture(more than 90% of the class is sleeping by now)..
COL. PRAFULL decides 2 get bk at us...and the mode of revenge??--questions,of course...

looking at the row on the extreme left,he finds jst one guy awake lost in his own thoughts....no prizes 4 guessing,it was me..

"you.."he roars...

"sir!..me??"i give a 'terrified chicken'expression and get up..

"tell me the treatment 4 bacillary dysentery"..first salvo fired....

"for god's sake...i had food just an hour ago...dysentery!!..yuck"...i shout back.
okay...i didn't do that...just thought so...:-)

(of course i didn't know)...i looked around in desperation 4 sm1 2 prompt me only 2 see weird expressions on sleeping faces,as if teasing me 4 reamining awake...
sm odrs who were shaken out of deir slumber sensed the imminent danger and tried 2 remain as still as possible...

lets try being honest,i thought and said"i wasn't paying attention sir."

THAT WAS IT...THE LION HAD TASTED BLOOD....(actually i had presented my blood 2 him in a bottle...LE KHOON PE MERA!!!)

"then wat were u doing??"....


"wats ur name??"...


"when wr u knighted dear??(sarcastically..)"

I fail 2 hear him clearly..."i beg ur pardon,sir"

His frustration changes 2 anger..."whats ur full name??"....."sir,Hitesh Mahato".....
"useless,clumsy fellow"(the fact that i added sir yet again 2 my name has him seething with rage...only that i'm 2 innocent 2 notice)

I sit down...glad that the ordeal is over.

the Col speaks sm 2 lines on amoebic dysentery..gives me a 'i'll-eat-u-widout-salt-pepper-chilly-look'
nd restarts the tirade against me..."Mahato!!...y do u cm 2 class??"

hw i wish i could tell him that bed-bugs and a dysfunctional fan dnt xactly make 4 prfct summer companions...nd that i loved his chaplin moustache etc etc etc......
"your dream....blah blah blah".....

"your parents...!!!!!!".....

"a gud doctor...etc etc etc".....he went on..

I cud see ppl njoying the sight of me being rogered...naughty giggles 4m faces buried under aprons nd bags.."grrr....whr wr u wen i needed sm1 2 prompt me???"

"you get no attendance 2day"-That ws the final nail in the coffin...THE IDES OF MARCH HAD FINALLY STRUCK.

DEAR READERS,if there are any,u myt ask wat i gained 4m that class??....2 things,I'd say....

--a lesson learnt-SLEEPING IS ALWAYS BTTR THAN REMAINING AWAKE IN THE AFTERNOON CLASS lest u b mistaken 4 a studious student....
--the 2nd gain...the piece that u just finished reading...

P.S-i still don't know my category....
READERS,plz b kind enough 2 suggest which category i belong to....If u do figure it out smhw.


  1. :) :) :) ...abe clueless kahin ke ..tu sone mein meri tarah professional kab banega ? roz main 1st bench pe baithke sota hun ...aajtak pakda gaya kya ??

  2. Abey yehi toh problem hai..i ws ryt awake

  3. Excellent piece!!! U writing has capture scene precisely... and I realized col life is the same everywhere!!!

  4. looking at this artistic work...u r a clear epitome of category 3...lol :)

  5. Most probably..Category 3..
    Bt i hv attributes f category 2 as well...hence d confusion..:-)

  6. nice description dude of our sleepy hollow...profs like pra-fool can suck it while we doze on like drunk babies...zzz...but given a choice,definitely category 3 man..at least we're being true to ourselves and our creative instincts

  7. ultimate piece of work mahato.....aaeeeeeee mahato!!!! describes all of us perfectly!!

  8. why don't you bite???

    You should switch to writing novels/columns.(haha)

    such a mature mind at this age .very rare Species. not found now a days.someday we shall meet in jamshedpur

  9. @anonymous-NOVELS??...nt exactly....my 1st assignment as a creative consultant has just begun...so columns maybe...lol

    nd even I do believe i'm rare,but for exactly the opposite reasons to what u've mentioned...my cllge frnds are testimony ;)

    nd I'd luk 4wrd to meeting u in JSR smtime...
    do keep visiting...nd commenting :D


  10. hey anonymous-if u dnt mind...do mention ur name the next time u comment...promise I won't stalk u ;)

    however,anonymous remains perfectly fine if u feel so...I like that air of mystery ;P

  11. Soon I will mention one of my names.I am not a computer savy guy Just tell me how can I use

    "comment as "select profile" feature while posting a comment.This will help me in commenting by name.

    Pune is a great place .Mahabaleswhar is the greatest. It takes me back to the black and white era of indian cinema.What will happen if all things becomes black & white only. Have you visited Mahabaleshwar ever?

  12. 'one of my names'??...

    okay,while commenting you can select the option which says 'google profile' if u have a blogger account or else select the 'name/url' option...then u'll be able to comment with ur name...

    i've been to most good places in and around pune...lonavala,khandala,matheran,alibaug,panshet,mulshi,ajanta-ellora..just to name a few....nd yes,Mahabaleshwar :)

    P.s-I roam around too much for a 'would-be doctor'...lol


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